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You are loved beyond measure

“You’re most likely to: be on the cover of playboy or a stripper.”

He said to me, “You’re most likely to: be on the cover of playboy or a stripper.” Another boy said to me, “You’re on the list today: top hottest girls in the school, we also rate the ’important’ body parts.” 

Lie #1 in my series: My value/worth depends on my outward appearance/sex appeal/physical perfection. I’m diving deeper into lie #1 of our series I started yesterday.  A boy when I was in 7th grade said the first above sentence to me. Even writing those words make me sick to my stomach, uncomfortable, dirty. I believed that it was only by my outward appearance that I would become worthy. That I was more like an object than a human being. This put so much pressure on me to try to measure up to some level of perfection that I saw in the magazines. I was so anxious about how others saw my outward appearance that I spent lunches occasionally in the bathroom in High School so I wouldn’t get so many eyes on me to see what # on the list I would be that day (from statement #2 above). 

I attracted guys that were only interested in outward appearance as well. It was my obsession, so of course I would attract others that it was theirs as well. The relationships were shallow and the lies I believed took deeper roots. Selena Gomez said it well the other day: “The beauty myth- an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern women in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society impossible definition of flawless beauty.” Can you relate to any of this? I took drastic steps to stop attracting the wrong type of guys, and attract Caleb, the love of my life, who loves me beyond outward appearance, and we have true connection at a intimacy level I never thought possible. Healing is happening for me and can for you too. We’re teaching women the real meaning of self love. How to attract the right kind of guy and have true connection that they’re desperately longing for. Click here to sign up or learn more!  I want all the radiant ladies out there who are sick and tired of the surface level BS to get breakthrough! ✨ 


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