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Shop With A Purpose

What’s better than getting the cutest outfit and helping those in need? 🎄This is one of my new favorite dresses, perfect for the holidays/winter, it’s from @shopfidelity. Abbey is the owner, and her entire mission is to help those struggling with addiction and their families by donating to a rehab facility called NCADD in Phoenix. Abbey’s beautiful mother passed away over a year ago from alcohol and drug addiction. When you purchase something from @shopfidelity you are apart of helping other families not go through the heartache that Abbey and her family has gone through.


Her mission is near and dear to my heart. ❤️Part of the reason I got my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy is my heart for those with addiction and their families. I was a drug and alcohol rehab counselor and have experienced firsthand the devastation. I’ve lost friends from addiction and watching loved ones struggle and it’s devastating. The church Caleb and I go to helps amazing people who some struggle with addiction and is all about putting dreams back in their heart. I love that I can share this mission with you!


The greatest gift 🎁 is giving back to others in need, and it’s also fun getting something beautiful in return. This would be a perfect gift for the holidays and this weekend @shopfidelity is having 30% OFF sale!! Do you love giving back during this time of year? Love hearing from you!


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