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Rwanda Changed My Life


If you could pick one event that's most impacted your perspective on life what would it be?

My time in Rwanda 🇷🇼 serving at an orphanage would be mine.

To be honest with you I can't put into words why exactly this experience was so transformative for me. Seeing the way that the people of Rwanda lived was so different than any way I had seen anyone else live. The fact that they had so little possessions yet much joy just really wrecked my perspective on life. They didn't have simple things that I take for granted every day. Like a toilet that flushes, a sidewalk to walk on away from the cars, electricity in every house, or even a pillow to rest their head on.

Going to school for these kids was such a privilege, not everyone could go. They would have to buy a special uniform to go to school to have an opportunity to better their lives, and so many couldn't even afford that. I know now that owning material things does not equal joy in life, though that is message we get as success or happiness in America.

Joy filled the trails of the walks we went on as we all sung worship songs to God for all that He has done. Most with their ripped shirt (the only shirt they owned) on their back and without shoes, they danced and sang as if they were the richest people on earth.

This is Omar, he had been living in the slums in the streets. Kids raising other kids in unimaginable circumstances before the orphanage took him in. Sometimes he had a hard exterior, but most of the time the he overflowed with joy and laughter and was willing to give love so generously. My heart grew a thousand times on that trip. We left Rwanda with nothing in our suitcases, but we came back with more than we could have ever bargained for.

What's a time that has changed your perspective on life? We would love to hear from you!


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