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One Flesh

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24 _____ Shirts by @iweartruth, they say One Flesh in a heart and use code unshakable10 at checkout. The shirts are so cute and comfy and have a great mission! _____ Being married is one of the best and unique experiences in life. One of our favorite parts is just doing day to day life together. We are pretty much inseparable, we love doing EVERYTHING we can together. _____ We love this verse and it is so important in marriage. Practicing and applying the “leave and cleave” ideology is so important, and vital to a marriage. We have done a lot of this over the past five years and we have seen the blessings of clinging to each other in Christ as a result. _____ We love the message behind these shirts “One Flesh” as it explains this beautiful union in a marriage. Man distinctly different than woman, and the two coming together in Christ to make one flesh. We are so passionate about relationships, especially marriage and we truly believe in the sanctity of this union. _____ We were given the opportunity to work with @iweartruth for their Valentines day promotion of their new “One Flesh” hoodies for married couples. We were so excited to support their mission of celebrating Godly relationships, and their cause which supports orphans and refugees in the Middle East. I Wear Truth donates a portion of their profits to support them. They have some amazing products and a worthy cause. Check them out and follow along! _____ #ad #iweartruth #unshakablecrown 


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