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NFL Week 7 Recap

Week 7 Predictions Record: 8-6

Season Predictions Record: 58-31

Week seven of the NFL 2016 season is now over; there were many great games to watch this past weekend with results no one could have guessed. Teams are starting to show their true colors through four weeks, and we now can see who are the contenders and others who are just pretenders. But overall it was another great week of football in the NFL. Here are the game recaps for this past weekend.


Thursday Night Football

Bears 10 Team Grade: C+

Packers 26 Team Grade: A-

Game Recap: A great NFC North divisional matchup between the Bears and Packers on Thursday Night Football ended with a solid win for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Rodgers broke a franchise record for most completions in a game with 39 in route to a 26-10 win. The Bears stood no chance in this game, especially after Hoyer left the game in the second quarter with a broken arm. The injuries continue to pile on for the Bears in a season to forget. The Packers passing attack served its purpose in this game, but they need to figure out what to do on the run if they want to make any type of splash in the playoffs.

Player of the Game: Aaron Rodgers was fantastic in this game going 39-56 through the air for 326 yards and 3 touchdowns.


Game of the Week

Seahawks 6 Team Grade: B

Cardinals 6 Team Grade: B

Game Recap: In one of the wildest finishes to date in the Super Bowl era, the Seahawks and Cardinals played out a 6-6 draw in Arizona on Sunday Night Football. Both team’s kickers missed virtual chip shots to give their respective teams victory in overtime and the result was clear, this was going to end in a defensive tie. No touchdowns in this game as both offenses struggled to get anything going. At least neither team lost any ground in their division in this matchup. A boring game to watch, but an interesting outcome in the end. If you’re Stephen Hauschka or Chandler Catanzaro, you may not know how to feel…disappointed you didn’t win the game, or relieved that your team didn’t lose as a result.

Player of the Game: Overall ugly game, I’ll give the game ball to each of these quarterbacks as they both put their teams into positions to win this game, but the kickers could not deliver. Well done Wilson and Palmer.


Giants 17 Team Grade: B-

Rams 10 Team Grade: C+

Game Recap: Our game in London this week was another bore between two struggling offenses as the Giants were able to edge out the Rams in England. In the National Football league, a win is a win, no matter how you get it. So in this matchup for the Giants, to come out on top is a great victory. The Giants really couldn’t get anything going despite having one of the best receiving groups in the NFL as they were able to capitalize on a four interception performance by Case Keenum. With this win, the Giants move back into relevance in a division that is having an up year.

Player of the Game: The Giants Defense. Period.


Browns 17 Team Grade: B

Bengals 31 Team Grade: B+

Game Recap: Wait, what? The Bengals won a game? Yes they did, who cares if it came against the winless Browns. The Bengals needed a win to get things back on track this season, and they did just that at home in route to a solid divisional victory. Great game on the ground and through the air for the Bengals in this one as they finally put together the performance that they were looking for. Hopefully they can build on this momentum in the coming weeks.

Player of the Game:. Jeremy Hill and AJ Green almost had identical numbers both on the ground and receiving respectively. Hill had 168 yards and a touchdown on the ground and Green had 169 yards and a score receiving.


Redskins 17 Team Grade: B

Lions 20 Team Grade: B

Game Recap: A game between two streaking teams this week in Detroit ended in exciting fashion as Matthew Stafford connected with Anquan Boldin with 15 seconds remaining to steal the win over the Redskins at home. The biggest impact on the game happened when Josh Norman was knocked out of the game as the Redskins’ best player was holding the Lions receivers in check for most of the afternoon. This win extends the Lions win streak to three games and the Redskins streak ended at 4. Both teams look to improve in the coming weeks.

Player of the Game: Matthew Stafford did just enough to earn his team the win in this game passing for 266 yards and the all-important touchdown at the end of the game to Boldin.


Raiders 33 Team Grade: A-

Jaguars 16 Team Grade: C+

Game Recap: The Raiders were able to bounce back this week after a loss to the Chiefs the week before and were able to easily handle a struggling Jaguars team in Florida. The Raiders offense was able to come alive again this week as Latavius Murray returned to action to score twice on the ground and Michael Crabtree grabbed another touchdown to add to his increasing total on the season. The Jaguars struggled to score any points in this game, the Raiders were dominant from start to finish in their most complete win of the season on both sides of the ball.

Player of the Game: Derek Carr is becoming one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, completing another solid performance with 200 yards passing and 1 touchdown in this win for the Raiders.


Saints 21 Team Grade: B

Chiefs 27 Team Grade: B+

Game Recap: For the second week in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to put together another solid win after the bye week. Spencer Ware was all over the field in this game as he was dominant on the ground and receiving to lead his team to victory. Ware’s emergence as a solid back has helped to ease the recovery process for Jamaal Charles and allowing the team to play well in his absence. The Saints were mistake prone in this game and it allowed for the Chiefs to grab another win at home. Brees again showed just how talented he still is throwing for over 300 yards and 3 scores, but it was not enough to make up for costly mistakes throughout the game by the Saints. Chiefs are looking great after the bye and look to continue that run of form in the weeks to come. They might just be able to steal this division.

Player of the Game: Spencer Ware has been great this season putting together solid performance after solid performance. This week he had 77 yards on the ground and 54 through the air with a touchdown.


Bills 25 Team Grade: C+

Dolphins 28 Team Grade: B+

Game Recap: I’m eating my words in multiple ways this week. The Dolphins proved that last week was not a fluke in route to a great win at home against a strong Bills team. I had a comment last week about this Bills team on my power rankings saying that they were not a top 10 team, I foolishly defended them as if they had a great track record, and then BOOM, they lose to the Dolphins in Miami. Maybe this Bills team is not as good as they looked to be in the previous 4 weeks. And maybe the Dolphins are finally playing to their potential.

Player of the Game: Jay Ajayi was AMAZING in this game as he surpassed 200 yards for the second week in a row on the ground. This performance ties the record for most consecutive 200 yard performances in a row (2).


Ravens 16 Team Grade: C+

Jets 24 Team Grade: B+

Game Recap: A Drama filled game in New York as the Jets were able to edge out the Ravens at home for their second win of the season. The Jets, who made a decision to start Geno Smith this week, had Smith go down in the second quarter due to a knee injury, and Fitzpatrick came back in to get the win for the Jets. Fitzpatrick had a very emotional conference after the game explaining how everyone in the organization has lost faith in him. As much as I want to feel bad for the guy, I don’t. This is a business and he made a decision to hold out for the offseason for more money, and it has backfired completely. The extra work he could have done with the team and possibly had a longer career as a starter is lost in the wind. Fitzpatrick now has to prove that they SHOULD have faith in him. The Ravens are as unimpressive as we all thought they were.

Player of the Game: Matt Forte had a comeback week going for 100 yards and a touchdown on the ground, and 54 yards and a score receiving as well.


Vikings 10 Team Grade: D

Eagles 21 Team Grade: B+

Game Recap: Okay, every week I have a “sure thing” game that I believe would go a certain way no matter what. This was that game. I had the Vikings winning easily at home. Instead it was the Eagles winning easily on the road. A game that never seemed like it would go the Vikings way, as the Eagles were able to cease opportunities given to them by the Vikings. Bradford and the Vikings truly lack the offensive prowess that the other powerhouse teams have in the league, and it showed on Sunday. The Eagles got to Bradford six times and caused three turnovers from him. The Eagles face another stiff test next week against the Cowboys.

Player of the Game: I expected one defense to be the player of the game, but in this one it is the Eagles D who get the nod. Great win for this team.


Colts 34 Team Grade: B+

Titans 26 Team Grade: B-

Game Recap: The Colts were able to come from behind yet again and take the victory against a good Titans team in Tennessee. Luck continues to impress and build upon his perfect record against the Titans in his career. The Titans, led by DeMarco Murray, put up a fight but ultimately were beaten in the end, snapping their two game win streak. If the Colts can build some consistency this season and stop being penalized, they might be able to do something. Let’s see if they can continue to build some momentum as the season progresses.

Player of the Game: Andrew Luck is in a league of his own as far as pure talent and game changing ability. His arm strength is second to none and he led his team back to victory in this game with 353 yards and 3 touchdowns.


Chargers 33 Team Grade: A

Falcons 30 Team Grade: B

Game Recap: The Chargers were able to put together another impressive win this week. This Charger team is very talented offensively and can compete with the best of them. I have consistently said that they could easily be undefeated this season. If they continue to pile on wins like this, they might build the confidence to make a run at the playoffs. The AFC West is looking better and better. The Falcons came up short this week in a loss to the Chargers. Julio Jones continues to dominate no matter who covers him, but Ryan and the Falcons could not out pass the Chargers as Rivers was able to get his team the win in overtime. It’s looking like the mid-season is real in Atlanta yet again.

Player of the Game: Philip Rivers looked amazing, throwing for 371 yards and a touchdown through the air in this game.


Buccaneers 34 Team Grade: B

49ers 17 Team Grade: C-

Game Recap: Two bottom of the barrel teams faced off this week in Santa Clara with the Buccaneers able to earn the victory over the 49ers. Jameis Winston finally put together a complete game as they were able to earn their third win of the season. The 49ers struggles continue and it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. A high school running back might be able to get 100+ yards on that 49ers linebacker corp. The Bucs hope to build on this win as they move forward with the season.

Player of the Game: Jameis Winston helped his team to a victory throwing for 269 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air.


Patriots 27 Team Grade: B+

Steelers 16 Team Grade: B-

Game Recap: An expected outcome in Pittsburgh this week as the Roethlisberger-less Steelers faced off against Brady and the Patriots. The Patriots were in control of this game from start to finish as the Steelers lacked the leadership and playmaking abilities of Big Ben in this game. This game was much anticipated up until the injury to Ben, but with an early playoff matchup between these two teams, it was still not disappointing. With big plays from both sides, these teams could see each other again in the post season. Brady led his team to yet another victory, this Patriots team is rolling.

Player of the Game: LeGarrette Blount ran for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns in this win for the Patriots.


Monday Night Football Game

Texans 9 Team Grade: B

Broncos 27 Team Grade: A

Game Recap: A matchup between the Broncos and Texans did not disappoint on Monday Night Football as the Broncos were able to dispatch this young and inexperienced Texans team. Osweiller proved that he still has come growing up to do in this game with his former team. The Broncos were out to prove that their defense was still elite and they did just that; Frustrating Osweiller all night in route to an easy victory in front of their home crowd. The Broncos looked much better than the team we had seen over the previous two weeks. The Broncos got the job done on the ground as CJ Anderson was dominant in this game. Look for the Broncos to continue to improve as they need to with such a strong division.

Player of the Game: CJ Anderson had 107 yards on the ground and a touchdown in this game to lead the charge for the Broncos.


Look for my game predictions for week 8 this Thursday as we begin another week in this exciting season of the NFL. What do you believe will be the biggest upset in week 8? Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear and read your comments on this week’s games and recap.


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