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NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

  1. Dallas Cowboys (11-1) – The Dallas Cowboys escaped Minnesota with a victory on Thursday night. With a victory and with a Washington Redskins loss, the Cowboys were the first team to clinch a playoff berth this week. Big games ahead against New York and Detroit. Time for the Cowboys to earn their home field advantage.

  2. New England Patriots (10-2) – The Patriots were able to win over an unimpressive Rams team to improve to 10-2. The Patriots do not look the same without Gronk, and there is reason to be concerned with the Raiders and Chiefs knocking at the door for the AFC top spot.

  3. Oakland Raiders (10-2) – The Raiders looked down and out in the third quarter (and I was looking like a genius with my pick) until the Bills collapsed and the Raiders exploded to grab the victory at home. Can we say 1976 Raiders? They are looking very good right now. BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC matchup with the Chiefs on Thursday night.

  4. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) – The Chiefs are either the luckiest team on the planet, or they are that good. With a record of 9-3, you have to give them the later. They have been impressive as of late and are nipping at the heels of the Raiders in the division race. Look out, this Thursday looks to be a great game.

  5. Seattle Seahawks (8-3-1) – The Seahawks grabbed an impressive win over the Panthers on Sunday Night exploding for 40 points against a solid Panthers defense. The Seahawks have an outside chance at the home field advantage if the Cowboys collapse down the stretch.

  6. Denver Broncos (8-4) – The Broncos are the third team from the AFC West to be ranked in the top six of the league. The Broncos Achilles heel is their offense. If they can produce numbers, they will win games, but with Siemian at QB you can’t expect that every week. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they are in the AFC West this year. Look out for that second wild card spot.

  7. Detroit Lions (8-4) – The Lions completely shut down the Saints in New Orleans to cruise to yet another victory. This team just might be the real deal, with Stafford having a career year, this is the time to capitalize on his golden arm. Big game three weeks from now in Dallas.

  8. New York Giants (8-4) – The Giants looked horrible in Pittsburgh. Yes, that defense is good, and it will keep them in games that they do not belong in. But with a huge test at home against Dallas slated for this Sunday, they have to be worried things could get out of hand. Luckily for them, they are the only team to have taken down the Boys’ this season.

  9. Atlanta Falcons (7-5) – The Falcons lost a heart breaker this week to the Chiefs on a two point conversion attempt that the Chiefs took to the house on an interception. The Falcons are now in a dead lock for the division with Tampa Bay. Things should get interesting, we could be seeing this Falcons team, with an amazing offense, missing out on the playoffs. Big games coming up.

  10. Baltimore Ravens (7-5) – The Ravens continued their impressive play with an absolute drubbing of the Dolphins at home in week 13. The Ravens need to win every game to keep the Steelers at bay, but with the Patriots up this week and then Pittsburgh after that, it could be the end of the Raven’s season very quickly. We’ll see if that defense can hold up.

  11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) – The most talented offense in football grabbed a great win over the Giants. Completely man-handling them on both sides of the ball to grab a much needed win at home to keep pace with the Ravens in the division. With Buffalo up next on the schedule, the Steelers need to keep things rolling. Pittsburgh controls their own destiny, if they can win out, they will be playoff bound.

  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) – The Buccaneers are playing some really good football as of late, taking down the Chargers and Broncos in successive weeks. They have a prime time matchup with the Cowboys in two weeks on Sunday Night Football. The Buccaneers have a chance to win the division if Atlanta keeps slipping up. It would be a great finish for this young football team.

  13. Washington Redskins (6-5-1) – The Redskins were upset by the Cardinals this week. Cousins continues his solid play, but he is not producing the results they need, WINS. He should get paid at the end of this year because he is their guy, but with the season slipping away, they really need to get something done down the stretch.

  14. Miami Dolphins (7-5) – The Dolphins got creamed in Baltimore this past week against the Ravens, halting their six game winning streak. The Dolphins had been making up ground on the Chiefs and the Broncos in the wild card hunt, but this loss put a huge dent in their playoff hopes.

  15. Green Bay Packers (6-6) – The Packers are two games back from the Lions in the division race, so every game counts for this team. They have an outside chance at the playoffs, but it might be a little too late for Aaron Rodgers and Co. to turn this thing around .

  16. Buffalo Bills (6-6) – The Bills almost completed the upset in Oakland this past week, but utterly collapsed in the third and fourth quarters to practically give the game to the Raiders. This looks like the end for the Bills as they will need significant help to have any chance at post season play.

  17. Houston Texans (6-6) – The Texans, Titans and Colts are in a three way tie for the division lead in what looks to be one of the more exciting finishes to the season. These three teams are fighting hard to represent the AFC South in the Playoffs and no one knows who will be the one to emerge victorious, if you are asking me, it’s the Titans.

  18. Tennessee Titans (6-6) – The Texans, Titans and Colts are in a three way tie for the division lead in what looks to be one of the more exciting finishes to the season. These three teams are fighting hard to represent the AFC South in the Playoffs and no one knows who will be the one to emerge victorious, if you are asking me, it’s the Titans.

  19. Minnesota Vikings (6-6) – The Vikings were looking like Super Bowl favorites five weeks into the season, with a defense playing like a title contender. But as of late we have seen the utter and complete collapse of this team. They had it all but won at home against Dallas but couldn’t keep the Cowboys at bay. This Vikings team WILL miss the playoffs again and will be seeking to answer some major questions in the offseason.

  20. Arizona Cardinals (5-6-1) – The Cardinals got a must win victory this week over the Redskins. They are three games back from the Seahawks in the division, but hope is still glimmering for this Cardinals team. If they can finish strong, who knows?! But if you’re asking me, it’s a little too late for this Cardinals team. What a waste of talent.

  21. Indianapolis Colts (6-6) – The Texans, Titans and Colts are in a three way tie for the division lead in what looks to be one of the more exciting finishes to the season. These three teams are fighting hard to represent the AFC South in the Playoffs and no one knows who will be the one to emerge victorious, if you are asking me, it’s the Titans.

  22. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) – The Eagles looked horrible again this week in a loss to the Bengals. After such a fast start, many people had this Eagles team winning the division, but with some major issues starting to reach the surface, this Eagles team is searching for some type of identity this season in which they have faltered. Look out for this team in the future as they have huge amounts of talent on both sides of the ball.

  23. New Orleans Saints (5-7) – The Saints lost out on a huge opportunity this week as they lost at home to the Lions. The Saints looked plain bad in the game and it would have put them only a game behind the division leaders Falcons and Buccaneers. Instead, they are two games back with five to go. The Playoff lights are beginning to fade for this Saints team.

  24. San Diego Chargers (5-7) – The Chargers lost a close one (not surprising) this week to the Buccaneers after a week in which news had surfaced that the Chargers would be exercising their option to come to Los Angeles. This is hard news for Chargers fans as well as LA fans as we have no need or want for that team. But I guess we have to accept them in for our economies sake. The Chargers do have some talent, but they have to be able to do something with it. Doesn’t help that they play in the best division in the NFL.

  25. Los Angeles Rams (4-8) – The Rams are horrible, plain and flat out. They need some major help on offense. Something to get the pressure off of Gurley and Goff. I believe that with the addition of a true wide receiver and some help on the O-Line, this Rams team could do some things. We shall see, the jury is still out on this team. I guess its good that they gave an extension to Fisher???

  26. Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1) – Like I said before, essentially the Bengals now serve as playoff spoilers. I personally believe that it is a waste for them to win. They could use another talented player through the draft, but they seem to want to win games for no reason.

  27. Carolina Panthers (4-8) – The Panthers got SMASHED by the Seahawks, and I’m glad. I think that this season was one of the best things for Cam Newton and the Panthers. A little taste of humble pie. Last season was all smiles and fun until they lost in the Super Bowl, and then 8 more times this season. Maybe this will wake them up and make them a better team in the future. They rise or fall by the arm of Newton, but if he continues to be a baby and let the losses get to him, this team will continue to slide.

  28. New York Jets (3-9) – The Jets are another BAD team. They got killed by a mediocre Colts team on Monday night football and that game pretty much summed up the season. Hopefully they can grab a true arm quarterback in the draft and look to the future. Their season is OVER.

  29. Chicago Bears (3-9) – The Bears looked impressive against a horrible 49ers team. Howard is the lone bright spot of the season as he has put up impressive numbers continuously. Depending on who the signal caller is next year, this Bears team has some talent to work with going forward.

  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) – The Jag’s are the disappointment of the season. Losing again and again in horrible fashion. This team was one to look out for at the beginning of the season and now they are one to forget. Hopefully they can get some more young talent for the future.

  31. San Francisco 49ers (1-11) – The Niners are bad, Kaepernick is worse. Glad they benched him, Gabbert is not much better, but one thing is for sure, the 49ers need some new players and a new system. I like them losing so please keep Chip Kelly. But if they actually want to win in this league they need to get a new QB, some talent around him, and a coach that runs a pro-style offense. All this like…YESTERDAY.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-12) – The Browns looked like…well, the Browns again this week as they lost in horrible fashion to the Giants. This team should hold out for number 1 at this point and give Hue Jackson something to work with.


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