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NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

NFL Power Rankings - Week 11

  1. Dallas Cowboys (8-1) – The Dallas Cowboys are the only team in the NFL with only one loss, and that came in week 1 in Dak Prescott’s first ever NFL start. The Cowboys are rolling, they face another stiff test in the Ravens this week.

  2. Seattle Seahawks (6-2-1) – The Seahawks came, they saw, they conquered. Avenging a Super bowl loss from a few years ago (I’d rather have the ring) in Foxborough. The Seahawks dominated this contest from start to finish as the Patriots really couldn’t get much going on offense.

  3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) – The Chiefs got another solid win this week stunning the Panthers. This Chiefs team just might take that tough AFC West division this season. Watch out for those Raiders though!

  4. New England Patriots (7-2) – The Patriots lost a close one at home to the Seahawks which might end up being an early preview of the Super Bowl. The Patriots are allowed a slip up every now and again, and this week they slipped up. This team is still the one to beat in the AFC.

  5. Oakland Raiders (7-2) – The Raiders are coming off of a bye week this week and are trying to keep pace with the Chiefs in the AFC West. This division is going to be close and might produce three playoff teams this year.

  6. Denver Broncos (7-3) – The Broncos got some luck this week as they blocked and ran back an extra point try by the Saints to seal the victory. The Broncos are clearly not the same team that won the Super bowl last year, but they are keeping up with two strong teams in the Chiefs and Raiders in their division.

  7. New York Giants (6-3) –. The Giants are showing that they belong as playoff contenders doing away with the Bengals this week. Manning and Beckham are really starting to hit their mid-season stride. Watch out for this Giants team!

  8. Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) – The Eagles won a defensive battle with the Falcons. It shows just how strong this Eagles defense is. Wentz just needs to be productive on offense and protect the ball for them to win games. The NFC East might produce three playoff teams this year as well.

  9. Atlanta Falcons (6-4) – The Falcons were completely shut down against the Eagles this week. The result proved that just a strong offense cannot win you games against stiff competition. This Falcons team is still well in control of the weak NFC South.

  10. Houston Texans (6-3) – The Texans were finally able to win a road game this week in Jacksonville. The Texans are now firmly in control of their division and are proving that they belong in the top ten.

  11. Washington Redskins (5-3-1) – The Redskins proved that this NFC East division is the real deal this season with a win over the Vikings at home. Kirk Cousins is playing like he deserved that off season deal, and the Redskins would be smart to lock him up long term.

  12. Arizona Cardinals (4-4-1) – The Cardinals were barely able to dispatch a terrible 49ers team this week. But divisional games are always close, so we have to give them a pass. They now have a new season ahead of them being at .500. Hopefully their best football is ahead of them.

  13. Baltimore Ravens (5-4) – The Ravens did away with a poor Browns team to grab a hold of the division lead this week. The Ravens have a tough test this week going to Texas to face the Number one Cowboys. Should be a great game; let’s see if they can be the first to stop Ezekiel Elliot.

  14. Miami Dolphins (5-4) – The Dolphins continued their great run of form this week as they now have a winning record and have done it by winning over good competition. The Chargers are no pushovers and the Dolphins got a good win on the road.

  15. Detroit Lions (5-4) – The Lions had a bye week, but yet were able to move to first place in the division with the Vikings loss. If the Vikings continue to lose, the Lions will have a better and better chance of taking this weaker than normal division.

  16. Minnesota Vikings (5-4) – The Vikings continue to slide in the rankings as they have now lost four in a row since their bye week. They better get things turned around quickly or this division may slip out of their hands.

  17. Tennessee Titans (5-5) – The Titans proved that they are the real deal this week by blowing out the Packers at home this week. Marcus Mariota showed that he is not the same rookie quarterback and dominated this game.

  18. Green Bay Packers (4-5) – The Packers are not the team that everyone thought they were. Rodgers continues to struggle and this offense is completely out of sync.

  19. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-5) –. The Steelers are on a four game slide, this team has no one to blame but themselves. They could have beaten the Cowboys this week; instead they allowed Ezekiel Elliott to score two touchdowns in two minutes in route to another loss. This team is talented enough to win it all, but they need to put it together on a weekly basis in order to even get to the playoffs. Lucky for them, they aren’t that far behind.

  20. New Orleans Saints (4-5) – The Saints lost a heart breaker this week as their game winning extra point was blocked and returned for the go-ahead score for the Broncos. This Saints team just can’t seem to get over the hump this season. The division is still within reach (for now) but it will be an uphill climb for the wildcard spot.

  21. Buffalo Bills (4-5) – Bills are coming off of a bye week. This Bills team seems out of the playoff picture for now, and with the Patriots playing so well, you have to think the divisional race is over.

  22. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5-1) – The Bengals lost a close one on Monday Night Football to the Giants. With that loss, the Bengals are two games under .500 and also two games out of the divisional lead. Not too shabby for a team that has played no better than mediocre so far this season.

  23. San Diego Chargers (4-6) – The Chargers lost to the Dolphins this week, they have a huge uphill battle for any type of hope this season of the playoffs. It might just be time to tank and focus on that good draft pick at this point.

  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5) – The Bucs surprised me this week as they got a solid win over the Bears. With Winston playing pretty well, they seemed like all things were clicking in this game. They are outsiders in their division, but it is possible since the Falcons have collapsed before…

  25. Los Angeles Rams (4-5) – The Rams got another ugly win this week with a field goal only victory against the Jets. Say what you want about the Rams offense, but their defense is getting it done. Good win.

  26. Indianapolis Colts (4-5) – The Colts were off this week, but are yet another team that are looking from the outside in as far as playoff contention. This Colts team is simply not good enough to make a post season push.

  27. Carolina Panthers (3-6) – The Panthers lost a nail-biter to the Chiefs this week on a late game strip. The Panthers are trying to get this season going in the right direction, but it just seems like everything (including luck) might just be against them this season.

  28. New York Jets (3-7) – The Jets are horrible. Brice Petty played pretty well in this game, but it was still not enough to get by the Rams as they fell short. Credit the Rams defense for winning that game. Petty looks to be the starter going forward.

  29. Chicago Bears (2-7) – The Bears disappointed me this week in their loss to the Bucs. I thought they could for sure get something going with Cutler back, but they fell short. Things are not looking any better today as Alshon Jeffrey is set to miss four games for PED use.

  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7) – The Jags lost a close one to the Texans this week in a divisional matchup. The Texans are good at one thing, dispatching underperforming teams. This Jaguars team needs to look at rebuilding in the draft again.

  31. San Francisco 49ers (1-8) – The Niners need a quarterback, and that was evident. They continue to struggle against anyone and everyone they play. Looks like the number 2 pick is going to be a lock for them.

  32. Cleveland Browns (0-10) – The Browns looked like…well, the Browns again this week as they lost in horrible fashion to the Ravens. This team should hold out for number 1 at this point and give Hue Jackson something to work with.


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