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NFL Playoffs Power Rankings

NFL Playoffs Power Rankings

Dallas Cowboys – There just doesn’t seem to be a team in the NFC that can stop the Cowboys right now. Say what you want about a Cowboys-Giants game, but this team cannot be beat three times by the same team in one year, something has to give. With five all-pro selections this season, you have to expect that this team is going to push for a title for the first time since the 90’s.

  1. New England Patriots – The Patriots are the sole contenders out of the AFC. They definitely seem like they will run the table on their way to Super Bowl LI. Brady has a chip on his shoulder and will do what he can to show that he will not be stopped.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – When all things are clicking, this team looks unstoppable. A big question surrounds their defense; will they be able to hold up against the AFC’s elite teams? Only time will tell. Things should get exciting.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs are the real deal. They were able to take that very tight AFC West division in a big year. The defense is the best in the league, but does that offense rely too heavily on the big plays? This Chiefs team has the talent to compete with anyone, should be exciting to see what happens once they hit the field in these playoffs.

  1. Green Bay Packers – The Packers are the talk of the town. After Aaron Rodgers gave his playoffs “run the table” guarantee, they have been able to do just that and even have a home game in the first round. Everyone has these Packers in the Super Bowl (except me) and they might just be able to do that. They sure are throwing another log in the fire in that hotly contested NFC.

  1. New York Giants – The Giants are not far behind, if it were not for a strong year by the Cowboys, the Giants might have been the team to beat in the NFC East. These Giants have a championship defense, but is the offense going to be able to score enough points to get them there? First up, big test at Green Bay.

  1. Atlanta Falcons – The team that no one is talking about. The best offensive team in football. Don’t sleep on the Falcons, they can beat just about anyone in this league. They have a stronger defense than it shows on paper, AND they look to have the NFL MVP in Matt Ryan after his strong year. These Falcons mean business, and with a healthy Julio Jones, this team is hitting stride right at the best time.

  1. Detroit Lions – The Lions looked to have the NFC North all locked up with weeks to spare, but with a few slip ups at the end, they are now the second wild card team and have to go into Seattle and hope for a win. Lucky for them, they have Matthew Stafford who has had a career year on their side. Stafford gives them the edge away from home this week as they take on the Seahawks.

  1. Seattle Seahawks – This team is not the same one that has made deep playoff runs for consecutive years running. Wilson has looked the shadow of himself as of late and this team just can’t seem to gain enough steam to get anything going this season. These struggles are to the point that I have them losing at home in the first round. Many think I’m crazy, and I am probably going to be wrong, but something just doesn’t seem right about these Seahawks.

  1. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins have had an admirable season. They play in the same division as the Patriots, which is nothing short of unlucky, but they have bounced back to one of the better records in the AFC. Defensively, they have one of the more talented units in the entire league, but offensively they have been very up and down this season. With big additions to the offensive line, they have been able to run the ball with Jay Ajayi, but the passing game is nothing to balk about. Big test this week in Pittsburgh.

  1. Houston Texans – I had the Texans as the worst team in the playoffs until the Carr injury, but this Texans team should actually be able to make quick work of the Raiders in their wild card matchup. The defense is sound, but they have to get more from their 70 million dollar man Osweiller if they are going to do anything serious this season. The jury is out on this team.

  1. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders weren’t all that impressive to me before the Carr injury, and without him they are just not the same. You have a rookie making his first start EVER in the playoffs, which does not inspire much confidence. These poor Raiders have wasted their season unfortunately, 12 wins and nothing to show for it. I feel bad that they won’t be able to even get a draft pick out of this thing. But expect that they will be back next year.


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