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You are loved beyond measure

Kindness at Pivotal Moments

Have you ever had a friend show great kindness to you at such a pivotal moment? 💛My dear friend Wendy brought me these flowers that decorated my new home office the first day it was done. She didn't even know Caleb and I had been working on making an office for me but they fit so perfectly. We got a chance to just sit in my little studio and pray for everyone that would come in and for all that would be done there. It all meant the world to me! Wendy is a dear friend I don't see often, but when we see each other it's such sweet cherished time. Her story, life and the way she loves the Lord inspires me. When she hugs you she means it. She has such a huge heart of love and wants to share it with the people in her life. One of my favorite moments with her was when she sung at our wedding. She's been a huge fan of Caleb and I together from the start and has continued to bless us in our life together. I'm so grateful for dear friends like Wendy who unexpectedly bless you at just the right time. Would love to hear a story you have about a friend that has blessed you at a pivotal moment in your life 🌿


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Hey, Friends! We LOVE our online family! It’s been amazing to connect to so many wonderful people online, and we can’t wait to connect more with you! We’re Stefanie and Caleb, husband and wife best friends and business partners. We love empowering others to have thriving relationships! We can't wait to connect to you!





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