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Just Hanging In There

Grand Canyon  couple

"You know, just hanging in there." This is a frequent response lately that I have had to people asking my how I've been doing. There has not been a weekend I have been looking more forward to in a while than this one. Most of the time the best remedy for a long week is quality time with my one and only. This week was full of craziness for me. Students in my classes were being so wild and I had a couple of teacher firsts. The constant and steady was definitely my wife. She not only was able to turn around my week, but made it so special for me.

On Tuesday it was my birthday and that was the worst day at school, but she had written me notes for me to open for each period during the day. It brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart to be able to have that encouragement during that day. I am so thankful for this woman and so grateful that we get a weekend to spend together. It is truly great to know that when I am "hanging in there" I have this one at my side to bring my sadness to joy. This picture definitely shows what I mean about hanging out with my one true love. What are you doing this weekend? We love to hear how you all are doing.


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