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Husband and wife  relationship coaches, travel and lifestyle bloggers

You are loved beyond measure

James Timphony

Check out before and after shaving his beard, photo albums.. James Timphony. This guy is my husband’s best friend, and now one of my closest friends. Even before I met him I was grateful for him. My husband told me stories of his loyalty and how James was there for him during dark days of my hubby’s life. He’s continually proven to be a faithful friend to us through the joys and the sorrows life brings. James is inspiring. I love the stories he tells of his childhood, and how his mother and father both believed in him and told him he could accomplish anything he set out to do. He’s been going after his dreams of becoming an actor for some time now and he's amazing! He constantly speaks hope to Caleb and I about going after the dreams in our hearts. He doesn’t let other peoples opinions get in the way of his dreams. James's life has been far from easy. He’s faced devastating loss and challenges, but continues on with perseverance and strength of character, which is also shown from all his winnings and competitions as a long distance runner. Another thing I have come to admire about James is his relationship with his mother. They are devoted to each other and support and believe in each other in such a beautiful way. We are so grateful for this friendship! Who's a friend you're grateful for today? Don't forget to look at more photos I took of him in client albums.


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