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Internal Sunscreen

He said he’d only call if it was bad news, and when I got the voicemail from our doctor my heart dropped. It felt like days passed (when in reality it was only a couple hours) to hear back from the dermatologist once we returned his call. This was in August, and they said Caleb’s potential skin cancer was moderate risk and he needed to get several spots taken off ASAP. ___ It took a month recovery, and now we need lots of follow up appointments to make sure my handsome, fair skin, blue eyed hubby stays safe. We love going on adventures, being at the beach and being outside. On long adventure days we always put on sunscreen and try to sit in the shade or under an umbrella, but the sun can still be brutal on our skin. ___ When a dermatologist told us about @sunstopperskincare we couldn’t wait to try it. SunStopper uses an antioxidant patent pending formula to support healthy skin and allow your skin to respond optimally during sun exposure. It has clinically tested ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy in reputable medical journals. No Prescriptions. No compromise to overall wellness. ___ Since we started taking SunStopper before adventure days, Caleb has not had a burn since. It helps your skin function optimally against sun exposure. ___ We want to Protect ourselves from the outside with sunscreen, protect yourself inside with SunStopper!  I believe this is something that can be a game changer for anyone who wants extra protection from the sun. It has truly made the biggest difference for us. ___ How do you protect yourself from the sun? ___ Want SunStopper? Check the link in our bio to grab a bottle!! #sunstopper #ad #sunscreen #sunscreens #naturalsunscreen #wearsunscreen #healthyskin #healthyskincare #healthyskinisin 

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