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Honey Bear Tried Marijuana

Honey Bear our puppy was the first and hopefully last in our family (me, Caleb and 🍯 🐻) to try marijuana last night and it didn’t go well. We were sitting by grass in by City Hall in Pasadena as she was playing and apparently she ate someone’s joint they had left there. We had no idea, but after she took a nap when she got home she started gagging, throwing up, then shook, her eyes rolled back and she fainted and became unresponsive. She was breathing so lightly I didn’t think she was alive. She woke again but was unable to really move or open her eyes and was limp in my arms. We took her to the ER Vet and she fainted again in the car and went totally limp and I thought I had lost my first ever puppy. I’m a little traumatized. We got to the vet they could tell right away that it looked like she had ingested weed. After they gave her some treatments she was able to come home and was still very out of it. It could have been fatal with such a little pup. But this morning 🍯 🐻 is soo much better and we’re so grateful for that!! Really makes us appreciate the huge joy she is in such a tiny puppy body. Thanks for all of you that said prayers for our sweetie! Means the world to us!! I guess she’s in her teen years and trying new things, but hopefully she stays away from drugs in the future. 😆 


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