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Healthy Products Raw Sugar

About three years ago, we decided to go natural with all of our bathing and cleaning products. It was a healthy choice to rid our house of things could cause health related issues down the road. We had to research what brands would fit this new lifestyle and we are so happy to have found amazing products that we trust, know, and love. ____ One brand that stands for and helps people live a healthier lifestyle is @RawSugarLiving , they are a happy, healthy Vegan Friendly brand available at @Target. Their products are sulfate + paraben free and packed with nature’s purest basics all crafted with love in Southern California. They use a ColdPress Technology® that locks in all the nutritious of the delicious ingredients in them just like a Coldpressed juice but for your skin and hair! Look for the Bamboo Tops and White Bottles at your local @Target . The best about them: Every product that you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need. #RawThankyou #Rawlovin #ad #Summer #Healthy ____ Do you use healthier products? We love hearing more about you! 


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