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He’s Wearing The Shirt He Wore On Our First Date

He’s wearing the shirt he wore on our first date today.  Caleb putting on that shirt this morning brought me back to years ago. The love and gratitude spilled from my heart and I’ve been googly eyed all day. He brought be chocolate covered almonds that he’d noticed me eating after church one day to our first date. We talked for hours so effortlessly, he took me to a gluten free restaurant (he remembered from a conversation) and got me fro-yo and talked for hours more. I felt so free to be myself around him. Being around him was a breath of fresh air. Even with how great those first dates were I remember some fears I had in the back of my mind. They almost made me not move forward into our relationship. My mind had previously been so twisted: who was really good for me and who wasn’t? I decided to trust my training, and had learned to trust my gut from all the work in therapy I had done and continue to implement in our relationship. I remember thinking “this seems too good to be true, what if after too long he stops treating me like I’m so special.” Well after 5 years of marriage later he continues to make me feel so special and looks at me like I’m the apple of his eye. We do specific things (especially after a very hard conflict/trials are faced) that have helped us keep the love between us stronger than ever. It’s so excited to be able to help other women get that clarity and a great mindset over their lives so they stop pushing away guys that are great for them and holding onto the ones that won’t treat them right. When their in a committed relationship, I’m teaching them action steps to keep that love, connection stronger and growing over time. It’s possible to enter into an amazing next chapter in your life with the right help! Click here to find out more!!

When Caleb walked up to my door that first date he asked me on I thought he was so handsome, and our first date seemed to good to be true. And I’m so glad he’s wearing that shirt many years later as I’m more in love than I ever thought possible. ____ Do certain clothes remind you of things? Love hearing from you! 


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