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You are loved beyond measure

He Puts Flowers In My Hair

He makes me feel beautiful (my husband, Caleb). In times like this where I did my makeup and he puts flowers in my hair and takes my picture with good lighting. And when I’m dressed in baggy clothes with my hair wild and my clothes are a million different colors. He still treats me like a princess. I mean, sometimes we laugh at me because I look wild, but he still likes me. I like that he sees me for what’s beyond the surface. He told me this past weekend the fact that I care so much about God and people is what he finds more beautiful than anything on the outside. I can tell he means it, and that it’s my heart he finds the most beautiful. And that’s what means the world to me. Flowers wither and fade but the beauty that lasts is the love in our hearts and the love we give to others. There were times in my life where I was a lot more concerned about my outward appearance than what was happening in my heart. But about 9 years ago that changed drastically. I think God created women to want to feel beautiful on the inside and out, and my goal shifted with the desire to become more beautiful as I got older, not just because of outward beauty, but inward beauty. That my heart could see others with love and without judgment and be filled with the love of God. God still has a lot of heart work to do on me, but I’m learning from His (God’s) word everyday, and seeking His face. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. There’s so much beauty in you, friend. Let’s let God’s love and words cultivate that beauty from the inside out. Let’s be filled and overflowing with love, joy, thankfulness, grace and forgiveness. What do you think? Can you relate? Love to hear from you!


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