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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pick-Ups – Week 4

This week features players that could be key pick-ups for your fantasy football team on the waiver wire. With players coming back off of suspension and others seemingly slumping as the season goes on, I have compiled a list of key players to give consideration to in the upcoming week per position.


This season has seen the Quarterback position have some up and down numbers, if you do not fully trust your signal-caller for the upcoming week here are some guys to give a look on the waiver wire and possibly start on your team.

Trevor Siemian, Broncos (2.8% owned) – Yes you might be calling me a band wagoner on this one. But Siemian posted great numbers in the win this past week in Cincinnati. Siemian is becoming the passer that the Broncos need and looks to improve as the season goes on. It definitely helps too that he has Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to throw to as well.

Dak Prescott, Cowboys (28% owned) – Is it time to trust the rookie signal caller? Absolutely YES! He has had a rushing touchdown in the past two games and this week he got his first touchdown through the air. The sky is the limit for this QB as he looks to impress behind that great offensive line and emerging defense in Dallas. Prescott, along with Siemian will continue to improve as the season goes on as he gets used to the offense and builds rapport with his receivers. And if you are worried that Romo will take over after his injury, that might not be the case.

Running Back

Running backs have great value in fantasy and if you can find a guy that is going to get consistent carries then you should do well at this position. Here are my picks for waiver wire pick-ups this week.

Darren Sproles, Eagles (11% owned) – if this guy is available in your league and you need some help at RB then I would pick him up. Sproles has been very successful this campaign for the Eagles. He is quickly becoming one of Carson Wentz’s favorite targets out of the backfield and this past Sunday he showed reminded us why he is a viable pick up. He is a worthy depth add and a matchup dependent player.

Christine Michael, Seahawks (68% owned) – this may seem like an obvious pick up, but he is a must add if he is available in your league as Michael seems to be the lead back in Seattle and with an lingering injury to Russell Wilson, Michael looks to continue a hefty workload. He looked great in week 3 and looks to continue that form for the time being.

Wide Receiver

We have seen some smaller name players taking the lead at this position this season which provides a lot of hope for people needed a solid performer to add to their team.


Josh Gordon, Browns (49% owned) – Josh Gordon has one more week left on his suspension and this is the time to cash in on him for your team. If he is not owned, which is in half the leagues out there, GRAB HIM NOW. Last time he played in the NFL he led the league in yards and he looked like his former self in the preseason. I love Gordon and what he will bring to the Browns in week 5. If you wait after this week he will probably get snatched up if he hasn’t already.

Jamison Crowder, Redskins (1% owned) – Crowder looked great in week 3 for the Redskins hauling in 78 yards and a touchdown against the Giants. Crowder is quickly becoming one of Cousin’s favorite targets through the air and I see him as a breakout candidate for this season. Grab Crowder if you need some help this week as the Redskins also face off against the 0-3 Browns.

Tight End

A position that can win or lose a matchup for you, and one of the most inconsistent positions in fantasy football if your last name is not Gronkowski. Here are my picks for the waiver wire this week.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings (16% owned) – Rudolph has put up wide receiver numbers so far this season and looks to continue to develop into a favorite target of Sam Bradford. With so much attention on Diggs by opposing defenses, it allows for Rudolph to slip in and grab some good numbers against those teams doubling Diggs. Rudolph is a solid add to start for your team.

Jimmy Graham, Seahawks (63% owned) – Can you put your trust in Graham again? I happen to believe so, he looked great this past week against the 49ers. Graham looks to continue to gain his form back after an injury ridden 2015 campaign. If he is available, add him this week before he’s gone for good.


Unless you have one of the top defenses in the league, this position offers a very inconsistent amount of points week by week, but if you are really looking for a change here I have a couple of options for you.

Dallas Cowboys (5% owned) – the Cowboys have been semi-impressive to start this season, but they will continue to get better as players come back from suspensions and they continue to grow in confidence. Keep tabs on this defense to possibly be a must start in the weeks to come.

Philadelphia Eagles (25% owned) – This defense has looked like a top 5 defense so far this season allowing only 3 points against a great Steelers offense last week. If I had a mediocre defense and the Eagles were available this would be a must add for this week.


Kickers can also make or break your team, finding a kicker on a good team is key to scoring s solid 10 points a game.

Dustin Hopkins, Redskins (13% owned) – Hopkins is a solid pick-up this week as the Redskins have had trouble scoring touchdowns. Hopkins has 38 points through three games and looks to continue his fine form in the coming weeks.

Adam Vinatieri, Colts (25% owned) – A veteran kicker that is a proven winner and solid kicker. Andrew Luck WILL put the Colts in position to score this season and Vinatieri will do the cleanup. If you need a solid kicker, add him.

Let me know of any players you have added that have been successful for you this season or past seasons. Who has been your fantasy player of the year so far? I would love to hear your feedback!


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