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Being Present

Do you often live in the present moment? I’m trying to work on that. This #tbt the best day of our lives… up until that day at least. This picture captures the pure joy on our faces. We got married in Pittsburgh in July a little over three years ago. There are so many things to talk about from that day, but in this post I just want to talk about one part of the day. Being present. I had been engaged to someone else years earlier before I moved to California and met Caleb- the love of my life. When I was planning for that other wedding I was focusing on all the wrong things. Thankfully, that relationship ended before we walked down the aisle. One of the things I’m so grateful for is that it taught me so many valuable lessons. One of the best is what to focus my attention on. During the planning process with Caleb, I wanted to plan and prepare for our marriage as much if not more than the wedding. I wanted God to be the guest of honor at our wedding, and I wanted my guests to feel loved and celebrated. I wanted to be present and soak in every single moment from that day. I really feel like my goals were accomplished and it was one of the most peaceful, joyous, most present days of my life. As I’m typing this, I’m realizing I want to incorporate more of what I brought into our wedding into my everyday life. Focus on making God the guest of honor in my life, celebrating those around me, cherish the love of my husband, and live more in the present moment. How are you at being present? What’s been one of your most joyous days? We would love to hear about you!


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