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Before and After: How We Got Our Place


Caleb and I lived in a tiny apartment filled with hand-me-down furniture that was all mismatched for the start of our marriage. We loved that little place. And even though there were so many colors and styles going on, it was our first place together and so special and dear to us. Every new gift from family and friends an exciting thing to use, cherish and feel the love and generosity of the people in our lives.

We were so sad when we got a notice that they were kicking out all the occupants of our very old & cheap apartment because it would be torn down and bought by someone else. We LOVE Pasadena and being able to walk to gorgeous city hall, Old Town and Paseo, and Colorado St. where the Rose Bowl parade goes down. Most things around this area are super expensive and working at low paying Christian school teacher jobs , we didn't think anything else would work out.

As we were praying and asking God after many disappointments of failed apartment finds because of tiny places with high rent, we started driving down a street and found the most perfect place for us. We felt peace right away as we walked up. The man we called was so kind and ended up being the best landlord ever. With two floors and affordable rent we were giddy and signed the papers the next day. We feel as if we moved into our castle.

Caleb, with the help of our awesome brother, generously took all our furniture to our mom and dad in laws backyard. We bought white chalk paint and covered all that hand-me-down furniture and some Salvation Army finds to turn our new place into a french country theme. It's been two years since we've moved here and it still feels so peaceful and clean. We can still walk to our favorite places and live in our favorite neighborhood. I feel so grateful as I look around our place with precious gifts and hard DIY work that was also a lot of fun.






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