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Are You Pregnant? From Our Lie Series

“Are you pregnant?” She asked me. Since I’ve never been pregnant, obviously the answer was no. Not only is it a sensitive question for other reasons, but the reason for her asking (weight gain) didn’t feel great either. Lie number 1 in our series “My value/worth depends on my outward appearance/sex appeal/physical perfection.” You might not relate to my specific examples I use in this series, as I’m making them super specific and personal to me, but I’m asking you to search your heart and see where this lie might be living in your life. These lies are toxic in our relationships with ourself, others (including a spouse/future spouse), and God. “The numbers on the scale define my worth.” This lie stole so much joy from me for so many years. And if I’m super real with you, still do does some moments of my life. There are layers upon layers to these lies. And the first step is uncovering them. Growing up a swimmer, being in a swimsuit every day, I was obsessed with being skinny.  I was told the lie that I was fat or “if I ate that I would be fat.” “If I didn’t work out for X amount of hours that day I would be fat.” And fat=unloved, unworthy. LIE!! But something that seemed so real to me.

Eating healthy and exercise are important…BUT…Doing these things for the WRONG reasons, or not doing these things for the WRONG reasons are DETRIMENTAL.  Obsessions are easily formed. Coping mechanisms, lies in our brain that are a twisted web, blaming, self pity, obsessions, addictions are formed in so many people based off of this lie. The way we treat other people, think of others, and how we think others should treat us- so much because of these lies. We try to cover up this deep rooted web of lies in many ways. Normalize toxic behavior. Positively reinforce copying strategies that leave us in bondage. Put a pretty little band-aid over the disease growing within us. Have you ever believed this lie “My value/worth depends on my outward appearance/sex appeal/physical perfection,” or “numbers on the scale define my worth.” Getting real up in here, and would love you to be apart of it! 


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