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Aquarium of the Pacific

Animals are the best!! Am I right? We absolutely love to see new animals, learn about them, and always hope to find ways that we can interact and engage with them. One of the perfect places to do this is at the @aquariumpacific in Long Beach, CA @visitlb. ___ The aquarium has always had a special place in our hearts because about three years ago, Caleb took me to the aquarium for a Sea Otter Encounter for my birthday! This was one of my favorite birthday presents because I love sea animals, and the Otters are definitely one of my favorites. After the experience (where I am pretty sure I cried out of happiness) we always said how much we wanted to come back for another encounter or just to explore the aquarium more. ___ Surprise! Upon arriving to Long Beach for our recent trip, we were given a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium where we go to feed fish in the huge water tanks above the aquarium, we got to touch sharks, and even some jellyfish! We had no idea what was about to happen, our guide told us that we were going to meet a special friend at the aquarium on our visit, and that was Charlie the SEA OTTER!!! I was in tears, I couldn’t believe that we were going to get to feed, hold hands, and interact with the sea otters again. ___ Our trip tot he aquarium was so special, it brought us back to our past experience, while also giving us a special new one that we had together. The staff at the aquarium are so knowledgeable, kind, and informative about how they are helping wildlife in the sea. And the staff member even remembered us from our last sea otter encounter, which blew us away. ___ We cannot wait to go back to the aquarium soon to visit Charlie again, and to see all of the mazing exhibits that they have to offer. This is truly a special place, and they are making such a great impact on the welfare of our ocean and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. @LBconventionCTR #MeetinLB #ThisisLB #LBconventionctr ___ Whats the best animal experience you have had? We love hearing from you! And check out our blog for more about Long Beach. 


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