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Anniversary Of Our First Date!

Today marks the six year anniversary of our first date!! Caleb here, with a little inside info on how it all went down. Let me just say it was my best date ever and I truly believe that I completely fell head over heals for Stefanie after our first date. ___ I don’t know if we said this before, but I was so nervous around Stefanie when we first met! I seriously clammed up every time I was around her, I would have to fight drop jaw (because she was/is so beautiful) and she never really got a good picture of who I was for a while because of that. ___ Once I was finally able to muster up the courage to ask her out, which took several hang-outs orchestrated by our good friend @saracimoen . It came down to setting a day for our first date. Honestly, I would have taken any day, any time, any place, seriously I would have flown to Antartica to have my first date with this girl! ___ I tried to make it happen on a Tuesday night, but she said that she had class that night and said the only day that week that would work was Thursday. I immediately agreed. NOTHING was going to hold me back. I realized a few hours later, that Thursday was my little brothers birthday, and I had told him we would do something together. Caught in a situation, and knowing that my brother is a reasonable man, I said, “Jess, can you take one for the team? I have a date with my dream girl.” ___ My brother gave me a hard time, jokingly of course, and then agreed that it would be okay. And honestly, the rest is history because man, we had the best date around Pasadena, walking for what seemed like minutes, but was actually close to eight hours, I couldn’t get enough of this girl. ___ Fast forward to now, six years later, we make sure to celebrate my brothers birthday and remember the great beginning we had to our relationship on this day and  what led to our eventual marriage just over a year later. Today, more than ever, I am so thankful she agreed to go out with me, and it still blows me away that this girl chooses me every day. Oh, and happy birthday Jesse! ___ Have you celebrated anything recently? We love hearing more about you! 


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