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Anniversary Of My Wedding That Never Happened

It’s the anniversary of my wedding that never happened. I was engaged, got dumped by my ex-fiancé on Valentine's Day just several months before the wedding that was planned and paid for by my family. But can I tell you something I’ve never admitted before? I 100% should have been dumped. As much as I was heartbroken beyond belief, ashamed, and my world was rocked for a number of reasons, I deserved to be dumped. Because I had no idea how to be in a healthy relationship. The toxic thoughts that filled my mind about myself, men, others, God was overwhelming. And I had a big cross-roads in the days following the breakup. I could have numbed the intense pain/shame with going back to an old way of life I once knew. Parties, hook-ups, extravagant fun that left me feeling great for a little while but unchanging in what was causing the layers & layers of pain I was trying to cover up. I thank God everyday that He helped me choose another way. In the months & years to follow instead of covering up the pain with masks, I went full throttle with God, and the best Emotional/Spiritual/Psychological mentors out there. This morning holding the hand of my amazing husband, Caleb (the love of my life) I overflow in love. I praise God joyfully for His love and Caleb’s love, and being able to receive it so much more fully because of the transformation in my life.  And now we get to teach brave, amazing people all the true transformation things I learned from the best experts in the world about relationships & each day they’re a step closer to being able to receive love and fullness like they’ve never experienced. Click here for more information. Today is an anniversary, an unanswered prayer I’m beyond grateful for & pain not wasted. It all lead me to God, Caleb and being able to love myself & give & receive love more than I ever could have imagined, and getting to help others with the help I so desperately needed and continue to incorporate through the struggles of life so Caleb and I can get better not bitter. Do you know someone that could use a mentor in this area? Love hearing from you! 


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